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Video combined with a powerful narrative are proven winners in promoting businesses.  It is the best way to let your customers know who you are and what you can offer them.  It is a powerful tool for getting your business known to a wider audience. Better still, if you use our experienced professionals, they will create your unique production from concept to delivery.  So if you are developing your marketing strategy, we are defintiely the best team to help you.

Tell us what you would like to achieve and we will discuss the options with you. We offer our free questionaire to help you get on the right path.

As part of our creative process, we offer free consultation to identify key messages you want to share with your customer base. There are  various video solutions we can offer to meet your marketing goal.

Call us now on 01594 540 880 or 07973 677 249 to find out more or email us.

Your Video

Some of the types of videos we offer

Short and punchy
A 1–2 minute promotional video, designed to draw attention to your business and brand.

The showcase
A 2–5 minute explainer video, showcasing your service or products in more detail

A deeper dive
One to one 3–10 minute discussion or interview, on a subject around your business in any location. Recorded or live.

Livestream Event

Multi-camera Livestream or Pre-recorded TV event - presentation or discussion.  30 minutes to 3 hours on your selected platform, such as YouTube.

Who We Are

As experienced broadcast and corporate producers, we are experts in producing videos that tell your story, which will certainly impress your customers.

5 Star Films was launched by Bernard Walton, a former BBC Executive Producer and founder of Aqua Vita Films Ltd, an award-winning TV production company established in 2004.  

Call us now on 01594 540 880 or 07973 677 249 to find out more.

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5 STAR FILMS wouldn’t be the same without the hard work and execution of our talented cast and crew. Our team includes some of the industry’s best and brightest; people who are striving to find new ways to tell a story and challenge their abilities.

We have worked with Sir David Attenborough, Jonathan Dimbleby, Michael Portillo, Magnus Magnusson, Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Dame Diana Rigg and many others.

With extensive experience in interviews for business clients, we have worked on projects such as HLTV, a channel on personal investments for Hargreaves Lansdown, and PharmaTelevision for PharmaVentures, and many more...

sizzler video for business

The Best Talent

Dr Bernard Walton, Creative Director
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Production Services

Tell us what you want to achieve and we will give you the best options and pricing.

We provide planning, scripting and preparing the video to ensure your message is clear and fits with your wider marketing strategy and within your budget.

We can also supply professional presenters and interviewers with broadcast journalism skills

We can source the best filming location to fit your needs and budget. We can also provide stunning stock clips to add value to your final production.

We can provide a full recording or live stream your video or webinar, either from a TV studio or on a location
 of your choice.

We also edit and finalise your video to a highest broadcast standard
, including delivering and uploading your video to an internet site.

Call us now on 01594 540 880 or 07973 677 249 to find out more.


We are here to help you to discover the kind of production you want.


Send for our questionaire here.



We give you a free consultation on your video when we discuss the various options that you have.


We take a look at your branding which focuses on the various qualities of your business and how we can start creating the script and final look of the film


We then take it to the next level of writing the script which includes locations and the kind of cinematography needed.


This is when we make the film and then take to it post production for editing and delivery

Sample Videos



tv interview coaching

Now is time to prepare yourself to be in front of the camera with one-day's coaching to make sure you shine on screen.
We provide bespoke interview training with an experienced broadcast producer/director, to ensure you perform at your very best. Training is from as little as £249 (+VAT) for a one-day's coaching.

In our Exclusive Members Only section there is also a FREE video with some essential tips that will help you get ready for a TV interview.

Subscribe and become a member to receive free tips on how to prepare for a TV interview.


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